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Please read before you submit

:bulletred:What can I submit?::bulletred:
We love blood! from scratches to guts hanging out! :D
Submit anything that's bloody!

PLEASE NOTE: We ask that you do not upload photography of real self harm or roadkill/dead things.
Although it does count as gore, some viewers do find this limit disturbing.
If it's set up and not real though, then go right ahead.

We're not going to restrict it to "stunning work only", as we believe that isn't fair to other artists who are learning or have a more relaxed style.
But we do ask that you submit only your best work! so please take your time and think about what you're going to submit before you do so.
Please do not submit unfinished work, doodles, photos with bad lighting or blur, etc.
Just be sure it's scanned nicely or the photo is of fair quality, and that it's a work you're genuinely proud of.

:bulletred:If you're uploading nude art, please respect the other members and put a mature warning on it.
And following that, NO pornographic images, keep it tasteful.

:bulletred:No bullying or disrespecting other members of the group.

:bulletred:Art theft and tracing is not allowed, if a member is caught with an image/writing which either isn't theirs or has been traced from someone else's image without their permission, the member will be warned and their image removed.

:bulletred:Please submit into the correct folders. if you submit an image by accident into a wrong folder then please contact the founder.

:bulletred:We love that you submit your work here but please try not to post too many per day, this is just so it doesn't fill up other members in boxes.

Any questions, feel free to ask.


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If you're looking to promote your commission info or look for an artist to commission then check out the link below to the commission notice board…


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Mature Content

Vorequest by Mawly-Maws

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Zombie coyote! by RabidTrapper
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Blood Makeup
Cosplay Sachiko shinozaki  by Kittenkawaii18
Cosplay sachiko shinozaki  by Kittenkawaii18
Zombie cosplay by 1M4W1NN3R
Zombie cosplay3 by 1M4W1NN3R
Brushes and Stock
[F2U] Jar Of Intestines + other colors by PessimisticSharkie
Gore lover with standards by SALT--WATER
- Stamp: I love blood, care to donate? - by ChicaTH
- Stamp: Dark humor. - by ChicaTH
KILLING STALKING bum fan art. Video by suki42deathlake
TUTORIAL - How To Make Bloody Parchment in GIMP 2 by BloodguardStock
The Colors of Blood - Tutorial by BmAStock
Commission and YCH
Severed Tail YCH (Open) by GiingerWolf


Thought i'd better write this blog just to let everyone know.
Life's been a little chaotic this year for me, not necessarily in a bad way but I've been tied up with different things from family matters to work to going backwards and forwards to the vet.
It's meant that I've not had a lot of time to focus on gore-artists though and I can't help feeling awful that I've not given this place and all of you guys more attention.
I've been thinking about it for quite a while now and I've decided it's probably for the best I step down from founder and pass the spot on to someone who's been here since the beginning and given the group all of their love.

I'm of course talking about Mawly-maws :iconmawly-maws:
So from this point on Mawly-maws will be the new founder (:

And along with :iconkidvskatadmirer2: and :iconlanterkyurai: who are doing a wonderful job as contributors I'm convinced that gore-artists has a brilliant team on board.

It's been a great experience founding this group and of course a great pleasure but I think this is probably in the group's best interest.
Thank you everyone for making the last 4 years a pleasure.
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You must have accidentally submitted in wrong folder. If you wish, you can remove your submittions from group and re-add them into another folder
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would anybody like to do a gore&bondage art trade with me?
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I have a hostage/bondage gore themed project.
I would like some victims to be shot dead with me.
fatel capture
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want to join
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